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Rib Eye Steak

Rib eye steaks are the boneless version of the rib steak. The rib eye is cut from the rib which most folks know as the prime rib. They are outstanding steaks, very tender and tasty. They have more fat than say a New York but that is what gives it it's great flavor and juiciness.

Rib Steak

Rib Steaks are an outstanding broil or grilling steak. They are cut from the rib which in it's roast form is known as the prime rib.

Top Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin steaks are lean and tender. They are usually the best value among the top quality grilling steaks. They are often on sale at rather reasonable prices. Like I said they are quite lean so they do not take well to overcooking.


Chateaubriand is a thick cut top sirloin steak or a butt tenderloin. In most supermarket meat departments, if you ask for a Chateaubriand, you will get the thick cut top sirloin. If you are in France or some place hoity toity you may get the butt tenderloin. Be careful the butt tenderloin version will be approximately $12.00 more a pound than the top sirloin Chateaubriand. The thick cut top sirloin when grilled or baked until it reaches the medium rare to medium range will be very nice and tender. Do not overcook. It is very lean and will dry out quickly.

Petite Sirloin Steaks

Petite sirloins are nothing more than a glorified sirloin tip steak off the round. Having said that, they are not a bad little steak to broil or throw on the barbecue. They are often on sale for less than the top sirloin steaks and in my opinion, (remember I've been spoiled by years of getting the cuts I want at the prices I want), that's about what they are worth.

New York Steak

New York Steaks or loin strip steaks are cut form the shortloin. The shortloin is the primal where T-bone steaks are cut from. The T-bone is two steaks in one separated by a T shaped bone. On the one side is the New York strip and the other side is the tenderloin or fillet mignon. The New York steak is a premium broil or grilling steak and will bring a premium price. They are tender and tasty and fairly lean.

T-Bone Steak

T-bone steaks are an outstanding steak. They are very tender and tasty and are suitable for the grill or for broiling. The New York strip steak is one side and the tenderloin or fillet mignon is on the other separated by a T shaped bone. One of the best and most expensive.

Porterhouse Steak

The porterhouse steak is nothing more than one of the first three or four T-bone steaks cut off the large end of the short loin. The first T-bones are larger with larger tenderloins (fillets) and New Yorks. As you cut through the short loin, the fillets get smaller as do the New Yorks, to some degree. But it is all the same meat. The T-bone steak will be just as tasty as the porterhouse. But if you want a great big T-bone with a large fillet, the porterhouse is the steak for you.

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Top Round London Broil

London broil, a thick-cut top-round steak, can be prepared just as you would a Chateaubriand, with similar results. The London broil, or top-round steak or roast, has a reputation as a tough cut of beef. However, if you broil or grill the London broil until it is medium rare to medium (never overcook it), then slice it thin across the grain and serve, it will be nice and juicy and tender.

Tenderloin or Fillet Migon

The tenderloin or fillet is the most tender part of the beef and brings a pretty penny. It is very lean and can be overcooked and dried out if your not careful. Grill bake or broil just don't cremate.

Flank Steak

The flank is very unique with a nice texture and flavor. There are only two flank steaks per beef so they bring a premium. For most applications there is no real substitute. Great stuffed and baked or grilled and sliced thin.

Tri-Tip steak

The tri-tip is a unique cut of beef. Merchandised off of the hindquarter, the tri-tip is a very good barbecue item, as are the steaks. They are fairly tender, with nice marbling (flecks of fat), which makes them juicy and flavorful. They are not the most tender so marinading is not a bad idea but they are tender enough, if you have your own teeth. Cook the roasts on the grill and then slice thin. Cook the steaks like you would any other broil or grilling steaks.

Sirloin Tip or Round Tip Steak

Sirloin tip steak, also called a round-tip steak, is a very lean marginal broil or grilling steak and is generally over priced. If marinated, it can be pretty good.

Chuck Eye Steaks

The boneless chuck eye is a very nice steak. It is actually part of the same muscle as the rib eye. It just gets a little smaller and more marbled as it extends into the chuck. When boneless chuck roasts are on sale, ask the butcher for a nice four-inch chuck and have him peel out the eye and cut it into steaks. Then use the rest for stew or grind it up for hamburger. You have just saved a bundle.

Flatiron Steak

The flatiron is the most under rated piece of meat in the counter. It is tender flavorful and cheap. Most of the time the flatiron will be sold as a boneless beef country style rib. Ask the butcher if you can’t find them. They are great grilled or sliced thin and fried for steak sanwiches.

Chuck Steak Boneless

The boneless chuck steak has a reputation for a marginal type steak but I just love them. As long as I still have my own teeth I will be buying chuck steaks for grilling. I marinade them with my secret marinade and the slap them on the grill until they are about medium rare and boy are they tasty. Boneless chuck steaks are on sale often and cheap. A great value. Also make the best Swiss steaks.

Source: John Smith, author of Confessions of a Butcher-Eat Steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save$$$. Available from Ark Essentials.com