Pork Steaks

Pork Shoulder Blade Steaks

Pork steaks or pork shoulder steaks or pork blade steaks are all the same cut of pork. These are cut from the pork butt shoulder roast and are a very tasty and tender cut of pork when prepared properly. It is not the leanest cut of pork but it is quite tasty and the fat can be trimmed away easily. Great barbecued on the grill or baked in a roasting pan smothered in cream of chicken soup or some type of gravy, or slowly pan fried.

Pork Cube Steaks

The pork cube steaks you find in the store are usually made from what’s left over after cutting the day’s pork lineup. To save lots of money, buy a pork shoulder butt roast when it is on sale and have the butcher trim it up and make cube steaks from it. You can use more expensive cuts like the pork sirloin but it just does not have the flavor that cube steaks cut from the butt will have. Pork cube steaks are prepared by dipping in an egg or milk wash, and then into seasoned flour or corn meal, cracker crumbs, etc and then frying until brown and serve with gravy.

Pork Cutlets

Pork cutlets are thin slices of pork that are often cut from the side of the fresh shoulder picnic or from what is called cushion meat. The cushion meat is the boneless cross rib section of pork. Cutlets can be cut from any lean piece of pork. Thin sliced boneless pork loin chops make very nice cutlets as do the thin sliced boneless sirloin chops. Cutlets are usually prepared by breading, frying quickly, and then served with gravy.

Source: John Smith, author of Confessions of a Butcher- Eat Steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save$$$. Available at Ark Essentials.com.