Saurkraut Trout?! Taste Test Winner!

Wow! Four Huge Trout! Our friend Tom stopped by with a large bag full of his catch for the day. He's a retired guy on his own so he figured our family of ten would really enjoy some fresh fish and it would be gone in one or two meals instead of lasting him for more than a month. These beauties were BIG!

When John got home I asked him to fillet them so the bones would less of an issue with the younger kids. John was headed off to karate after that so it was up to me to figure out the best way to fix 'em up . I couldn't decide but wanted to try something new. Here are the four basic recipes I came up with and the surprise winner of our taste test was Saurkraut Trout. Totally simple but zippy and fun! Even our son who doesn't like saurkraut devoured his portion and came back until the plate was clean and still wanted more!

Basic trout:Baste with butter, garlic and onion (fresh or powdered)

Honey Mustard Trout:Baste with honey mustardThis was well recommended on the web but was the least favorite. It was the only one that had leftovers.

Vinegar Trout:Baste with salt, pepper and red wine vinegar

Saurkraut Trout:Sprinkle with salt and pepper and then cover with saurkraut. One recommendation was to add lemon to this dish in the future.

Baking Directions:Place fish on broiling pan (covered with foil for easy cleanup poke a few holes for drainage) Set oven to broil and leave oven door open slightly. Cook until meat is flakey. Check with a fork.