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Chicken is one of our favorite meat items. You can make it stretch by boiling it and then removing the meat from the bones, then use the broth for Spanish rice or soups. The demerchandising of chicken is pretty simple. What you see is what you get.

Whole Body Fryers

Whole body fryers are just that, one whole chicken ready for frying, Roasting, etc., or cutting up into individual fryer parts. You will find these in the supermarkets marked as whole frying chickens. They are often used as a leader item and will be quite cheap. They are one of the best values if not the best value in the modern day meat case.

Cut-Up Fryer

The cut-up fryer is simply a whole fryer cut into parts and then priced considerably higher.

Fryer Parts

Fryer parts are the drumstick, thigh, wings, and split breasts. The whole fryers are cut into individual parts and sold at a premium. However they are often on sale. Great when fried or barbecued.

Fryer Hind Quarters

The fryer hind quarters are the hind quarter section of the chicken consisting of the thigh, drum and back. It is large but can be cut in two to make a drum a and a large thigh with part of the back bone attached. The hind quarter, when on sale, is often the cheapest chicken part you will find. They are very good barbecued or fried. Fix as you would any other fryer part.

Boneless Breast

Boneless breast is what you get when the split breast has the bone removed. The boneless breast is often on sale making it a very good value. The boneless breast is great grilled or cut into strips for fajitas and many other dishes.

Stewing Hen or Stewer

The stewing hen or stewer is an older chicken that has spent her life laying eggs. Being an older chicken it has much more flavor than a fryer and makes a very flavorful broth. The stewer has long been preferred for chicken and dumplings but I haven't seen one in the stores for over 20 years. Backs and necks or hind quarters are the best substitute for the stewer.
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