Beef Ribs for all

Short Ribs

Short Ribs are one of the most flavorful cuts of beef. The ribs used for short ribs come off the meatier portion of the plate (ribs) extending into the cross rib and excluding the back rib which comes off the prime rib section. They are great when braised slowly.

Flaken Style Ribs

Flanken style ribs are thin sliced (about 3/4 of an inch) cross cut short ribs. They are very tasty. Great fixed on the grill or braised in the oven.

Boneless Beef Country Style Ribs

Boneless beef country style ribs are made from an assortment of cuts. Some of the cuts used are chuck, cross rib, bottom round and flatiron. The flatiron makes outstanding country ribs. The other cuts leave something to be desired in my opinion.

Beef Back Ribs or Beef Spareribs

Back ribs are the portion of the rib that is peeled away from the prime rib or rib eye. There is not a lot of meat on the back ribs but what there is is very tasty.

Beef Chuck Flat Strip

The beef chuck flat strip is a new item around these parts. As far as I can determine it comes off the short rib portion of the cross rib. It is great when fixed as a boneless country style rib and is pretty decent when grilled as a steak. Eats like a nice juicy boneless chuck steak. Possession of your own teeth recommended.

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source: John Smith, author of Confessions of a Butcher/Eat Steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save$$$ available from Ark Essentials Publishing

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