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Aging Beef tenderloin 
Question Hello, Over the summer I aged a prime rib for 45 days, and it come out amazing. I started aging am 8.5lb beef tenderloin last week …

What Cut is a Cross Rib? Not rated yet
Question Local market sells a "cross rib" roast. What cut of beef is this, actually. And, how would you cook it? Answer The cross-rib …

"Fast Casual" Roast Beef Sandwich Concept Not rated yet
Question I am looking to open a "Fast Casual" Roast Beef Sandwich concept. Would you recommend using a Top Round or Eye Round Roast? I know the …

Steaks from Roasts Partial Freeze For Easy Cutting Not rated yet
Question I have a roast just purchased, I would like to do a quick partial freeze maybe 30 minutes to the point where I can slice it into steaks …

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Steve & Kathy ask-why are spareribs called spare ribs? John said this is probably because they don't have very much meat on them-they're spare or "sparse" when it come to how much meat you get compared to bone.

Erik Asked- Do you have any instructions or equipment designs for smoking? I have an old fridge that one day I hope to convert into a hot smoker. We really haven't tried smoking any meat before. We did receive some smoked sausages from some neighbors and I"ll call and see if they built or bought their smoker. Countryside magazine always had great articles on how to build stuff like that so I'll ck out our back editions and also I checked out a book from the library and I'll report back if it's worth checking out.