Pork Ribs


Spareribs are the rib bones that are peeled away from the pork belly, which is the bacon, or will be once it is cured and smoked. The Spareribs are somewhat fatty and bony but at the same time are quite good when barbecued or cooked up by a rib expert.

Baby back Ribs

Baby back ribs are the rib bones that are peeled away from the pork loin. The pork loin is where the pork chops come from. The baby back ribs are delicious and they bring a premium at the supermarket. The meat to bone and fat ratio isn't very good which makes the baby backs even more expensive. Spareribs are a very good alternative to the baby backs and in my opinion eat about the same except they have a lot more meat.

Country Style Ribs

Country style ribs are made from either the blade end of the pork loin or in most cases the pork shoulder butt. They are very meaty and when prepared properly are great barbecued as you would spareribs or baby backs. They are often on sale dirt cheap and are a super value.

Pork Riblets

Riblets are cross cut ribs usually off the loin (baby back rib). The butcher cuts them from the loin to square it up before cutting pork chops. Either the baby back ribs or the spareribs will make good riblets, but the spareribs will be cheaper and meatier. Riblets are used in Chinese dishes or are great cooked very slowly for about 2 1/2 hours in an electric skillet with mass quantities of barbecue sauce with the lid slightly askew to let the moisture out. Yum!
Our Way Easy Pork Rib Recipe

Source: John Smith, author of Confessions of a Butcher-Eat Steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save$$$. Available at Ark Essentials.com.