Aging Beef tenderloin

by Brian Thomas
(Boston MA)


Over the summer I aged a prime rib for 45 days, and it come out amazing. I started aging am 8.5lb beef tenderloin last week and was attempting to do it for the same amount of time. Can I age the tenderloin that long? I have read some chefs aging whole tenderloin for a week but did not see much information doing it longer than that. I understand they do not have as much fat so you won't get the texture change like a prime rib. But my understanding is that the meat will pick up nutty flavors as it ages. I appreciate any help you may provide. Thank you.

I wouldn't age a tenderloin for anywhere near forty five days for the very reason you stated. They don't have enough fat cover to protect them. After about ten days they will probably start to get kind of shriveled up in a dry age situation. if they are still inside the vacuum sealed plastic wrap from the packer you can keep them up to a month or more at about 30 to 32 degrees but any warmer than that like a normal fridge and they will get all gassy and nasty. As expensive as they are I wouldn't mess around with them too much.

-John the Butcher-

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Nov 23, 2015
Thanks John
by: Tiffany

I had a similar question, This totally answered it for me

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