Cold Day Warm Stew

We’ve already had our first snow and we don’t need a weather man to tell us that there is more on the way. I don’t know about you but when the snow piles up in my drive way and they close down our little road here in Ashton and the wind is blowing the snow around where I can’t see my own breath it’s time to call the boss and tell him I’ll have to take a rain check. Or may be that should be a snow check. Anyhow there are usually 2 or 3 days each winter when I can’t get to work and the school shuts down and there is nothing to do except watch Hannah Montana reruns and bake some brownies. Before we start woofing down brownies though we need something nutritious and warm. How about a nice big pot of thick and chunky stew. Now if I’ve been thinking ahead, which I sometimes do, I’ll have several boneless chuck steaks or roasts in the freezer. When boneless chucks are on sale it is a good time to stock up. Then when you get stuck at home or just get a hankering for a nice big pot of stew your ready to go. Pull the chuck meat from the freezer which you purchased dirt cheap, when they were on sale, and then cut it up into little chunks and make your stew. Chuck meat makes the very tastiest stews. A little fore thought and you can turn a dreary cold day into one of warmth and smiles and save some money too.