Birthdays Come But Just Once a Year So Let’s Get To It

My favorite month of the year is coming, February! We have 3 birthdays in our family in February and one of them is mine. When it’s your birthday you get to choose anything you want for dinner. Within reason anyway. No $250 an ounce caviar. Thankfully my children do not think it’s a very good idea to eat fish eggs anyway. The rule is that it has to be something that we at least occasionally consume or not have some kind of real issue with be it financial or other.

Josh my oldest boy who will soon be 15 wants lasagna with homemade French bread and a Yogurt cake for desert. Good choices. When He was younger I would have to help sway him in one way or the other but now he does just fine on his own.

Christie who will be turning 4 is not sure what she wants. This is where Dad comes in. If you ask her is if she wants chicken she will say she wants chicken. If you ask her if she wants pork chops she will say she wants pork chops. So all I have to do is ask her if she wants say homemade pizza when her mom is present then we will have homemade pizza for her birthday. Now this isn’t as bad as it sounds. I will only ask her if she wants something that I know she likes. I can’t help it if it happens to be one of my favorite foods too can I?

I’ve got a feeling that she will want devil’s food cake with ice cream for desert as well. Just a hunch.

Now for my birthday dinner I want ribs. I want great big juicy barbecued beef back ribs. It takes about 4 full ribs to feed our family and I have to begin saving them at work. You see the beef ribs that come from the packing house are gouged. They try and leave as much meat on the rib eye that they can because they get a lot more money for the rib eye than they do for the rib bones. So there isn’t a whole lot of meat on the bones from the packing house. But then at work we bone out our own prime ribs to make rib eyes steaks and we aren’t concerned about gouging between the bones to leave that meat on the rib eye since we just have to rim it off to make the steaks look nice anyway so the bones are much nicer and meatier than the ones from the processing plant. Now since we only bone out one full rib eye about every other day this time of year, unless they are on sale, it will take me a few days to get all my rib bones together for my birthday dinner.

I season up the ribs real good with garlic and onion powder, a little soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, place them staked on top of each other in my roasting pan and then cover and cook slowly at 250 for about three to four hours. I don’t want to overcook them. Just long enough where they begin to get nice and tender without falling apart. Then I lather them all up with my favorite sauce and place on a medium hot grill turning and lathering with barbecue sauce repeatedly for about twenty minutes or so. Boy are they good. I’m requesting funeral potatoes and some nice homemade rolls and maybe a green salad for a little balance.

Also I think I might request a yogurt cake same as my boy. They are awful good without being overpowering with richness or sweetness which is important after all those ribs.

Here’s the recipe: Yummy Yogurt Cake Recipe