Recalled Hamburger and What you can do

Another recall of hamburger today December 17, 2011

I'll post a link to the detailed article and try to keep you more updated.

article on recalled meat

What safe meat? Click here to read our recalled-hamburger article

What can you do if you get e-coli or other food borne illnesses?

I'm not an expert or a doctor so this is just what I do.

When I start getting sick with flu like symptoms I immediately grab my peppermint oil. I've used peppermint oil for over 20 years. I rub it on my stomach and it will usually make me feel better or make me throw up if I need to cleanse out my stomach.

I recently discovered a more potent oil called DigestZen from doTerra essential oils. You won't find it in a store. You have to buy it online or from an independent product consultant. I liked the oils so much I signed up to get them wholesale. Once I fell in love with them I started to sell them on the side.

DigestZen contains peppermint, ginger, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and anise oils. Now I rub the DigestZen on my stomach and follow with the peppermint.

Often my kids will wake up and complain their stomach feels funny. I rub on some oils and they haven't missed school for the flu since.

I got the flu on Thursday. I started rubbing on the oils and also put some in water and sipped it. I never threw up. I did visit the restroom frequently and took two naps, one for three hours up for two hours and back down again for two hours. I still slept all night. This is the mildest case I've heard of this time around.

Earlier this year my youngest got a bad case of the flu. She threw up lots the first day and a couple of times the second day. I doctored her good with peppermint, DigestZen, and OnGuard. She still was complaining about her stomach for 3-4 days but no throwing up. Then she started throwing up again! We were pretty concerned and John was ready to take her to the doctor. I called my favorite oils expert Brooke and she gave me a list of oils to use and to use them every hour. Since she was throwing up I just rubbed them on her stomach and feet. She stopped throwing up that day and her stomach stopped hurting. I kept applying the oils for ten days just like I would an antibiotic but I cut down to three times a day after two days.

If she had not gotten better when John got home that night we would've gone right into the doctor, but she started feeling better pretty quickly after I talked with Brooke. I can't recommend doTerra's oils highly enough. Email me if you have questions or if you'd like to check out the oils you can follow this link