How to Select, Purchase and Cook Meat

“Learn how to select, purchase, and cook all types of meat. . .

. . .from steaks to salmon, from turkey to tenderloin.”

If you mess this up, it's hard to redeem yourself no matter what else is on the menu.

Meat can be expensive and is the center of most meals. I haven't always been comfortable cooking or even purchasing this particular food group. I began like you probably did -- mostly trial and error. Hamburger or ground beef was always a good staple but learning to keep the roasts moist and the steaks perfect takes some experience and knowing the tricks of the trade.

Now that I've married the butcher, I've learned lots (especially how to get the best deals)! I know I've done well if he doesn't have any comments like, “You know, this would be really good if you'd try...” or, “How about next time you... instead of ...”

Free Meat Zine & Bonuses

Here is a list of our current freebies including our Meat Zine will provide special recipes, tips and tricks before they even reach the website. Also some "secrets of the butcher's wife".

Ask the Butcher a Question

Author, butcher and columnist John Smith wants to answer any questions you have about buying, using and preparing meat. You can even request that recipe you've been looking for-we might just have it!

Answers To Your Meat Questions

Answers to your meat questions are posted here.

Hamburger and/or Ground Beef

Everthing you ever wanted to know about hamburger or ground beef. Expert advice on how to purchase, select and save money on hamburger.

Quality Grilling Steak

When grilling steak you want to select one of these high quality tender steaks. Flat irons to filet mignon-do you know the difference?

Swiss Steak

Swiss steak can't just be thrown on the grill. These not so tender steaks need some extra TLC to become the delectable dinner delights we all relish.

Beef Ribs

Bring on the beef ribs! Short ribs can be very expensive when you consider half is bone and fat. Good news! You don't have to spend all that money to enjoy ribs.


Chicken is one of the most versitile, affordable and delicious meat choice for cooking.

Pork Roast

Which pork roast will give you the most? The most chew, the most meat, the most meat for your money?

Pork Rib

Pork Rib Rules! Bring on these tasty treats for your BBQ pleasure

Pork Steak

Pork Steak-pork shoulder blade to pork cube steak. We'll help you pick the pork for your dining pleasure and purposes

Pork Chops

Which pork chop is best? loin chop, rib chop, blade chop- we'll help you choose.

Wild Game

Wild Game- what to do with your moose, elk or deer meat.

About Us

About Us - John Smith, butcher for 33 yrs and his wife Vickie started off writing together over 15 years ago.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin is perhaps the "best" cut of pork, tender and expensive.

Tempting Turkey

How to select and buy the best turkey, tips, tricks and "treats."

Saurkraut Trout

Saurkraut Trout?! It was the surprise winner of our trout variety taste test!


Largest meat-recall of ground beef yet! This article explains how best to avoid recalled ground beef or hamburger.