Are You Tired of Maxing Out Your Credit Cards For Meat Purchases?!

Eat Steak On a Hamburger Budget
and Save $$$

Did you know that virtually every cut of meat for beef amd most cuts of pork, have what I like to call "alternative cuts"?

You see, retail butchers like me take the three or four main chunks of beef or pork (we call these chunks "primal cuts") and cut them into many different shapes and sizes. Then we price these different cuts through the roof.

If you know what comes from where, you can save money. Often a lot of money!

For instance, if round steaks are on sale dirt cheap, why pay high prices for any of the cuts that come from the round?

You don't have to!

Do you have any idea how many different cuts come from the common Round steak?

A round steak is often on sale for $1.69 to $1.99 a pound. However, the cuts that are merchandised from the round are often quite a bit more.

For Example:  The chunk of beef where round steaks come from can also be cut into rump roasts, top round steaks, top round roasts, top round London broils, bottom round steaks, bottom round roasts, eye of round roasts, eye of round steaks, cube steaks, stew meat, beef strips for stir fry or fajitas, ground round, and carne asada to name a few. There is absolutely no reason to pay the regular asking price for any cut!

"Confessions of a Butcher by John Smith is a valuable guide ... filled with important information that everyone who shops for, purchases, or consumes meat should know. It is a must read for every frugal shopper ... a great value. I have already used the tips provided in this book to save hundreds of dollars on meat purchases. You can do the same. ... an investment that will pay for itself many times over."

The Frugal Shopper -

Virtually Every Cut of Beef and Pork Has Alternative Cuts That Can And Will Save You Money!

The secret is knowing what cut comes from where -- or knowing where to find the information on what cut comes from where.

"Usually the best information is found on the inside from people who work with an item on a daily basis and really know the facts. That's definitely true of Confessions of a Butcher by John Smith. Not only does John know meat, he knows how you can save money without giving up taste or quality. If you want to save and still eat well, Confessions of a Butcher is a must read ... my favorite butcher."

Gary -

Say you need some stew meat for dinner. You are standing in front of the display case at your favorite supermarket. In front of you is a nice large display of bright red and lean beef stew meat priced at $4.49 a pound. Ouch!

You don't want to spend an arm and a leg for stew beef, do you? Look around and find the roast section. Are there any roasts on sale? Are there any steaks on sale? The chances are you will find something in the beef section that will be priced lower than the stew beef. Once you have found the cheapest cut of beef in the case, hand it to the butcher and ask him to cut it up into stew beef for you. Just make sure that whatever you choose does not have a lot of fat to be trimmed away. You have just saved a bundle.

"When John's book came along, I was a very frugal meat shopper already. But I was surprised at what I didn't know. The part about roasting chickens being bigger frying chickens made me feel like an idiot ... I'd been duped (again!) by the system, so I really studied the book. I can tell you that it's saved me many, many dollars over the last few years."

Pat Veretto -

Ready to Eat Like Royalty on a Pauper's Budget?

How about some nice rib eye steak for dinner? We all know that a rib eye is gonna cost a bundle. However, there is an alternative that will save you a bunch of money and will eat just as well as a rib eye.

The loin, or what the hunters call the back strap, extends from the top sirloin through the prime rib section and on into the first few inches of the chuck. The chuck eye is the same muscle as the rib eye. It is just as tender as the rib eye, just a little smaller. What you do the next time boneless chucks are on sale is ask the butcher for the first four inches off the boneless chuck. Ask him if he would peel out the chuck eye and cut it into steaks. Then ask him to grind the rest into some nice ground chuck, or make stew meat out of it. Not only have you saved a bundle, but now you're eating like royalty. Rib eyes at chuck prices.

"John Smith, a butcher who likes to eat on a budget ... You'll learn which meats to buy and which to avoid so that you can eat well and affordably."

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Confessions of a Butcher

There is absolutely no good reason to spend the kind of money that most of you have been for meat.

For years the retail meat industry has taken advantage of the consumer. It's time for me to come forward.

The Confession:  For the last thirty some years, now, I've taken part in a little-known scam that has affected every retail meat consumer that has ever bought a hunk of beef or pork. From the very earliest days of the retail meat industry until now, people have been falling prey to our merchandising schemes.

In the old days a butcher would grab a short loin (the primal where t-bone steaks are cut from) and cut it into t-bone stakes. Then one day an over-achieving-type butcher got the bright idea to call the first four cuts off the short loin Porterhouse steaks and charge more for them. That must of worked out pretty well, because ever since, we butchers have been coming up with more and more creative ways to get more money out of you, the consumer. We take the big chunks of meat and cut them into all different shapes and sizes and call them all sorts of names and charge you all different kinds of, mostly high, prices. There is no need for you to pay these high prices any longer.

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Confessions of a Butcher/
Eat Steak on A Hamburger Budget and Save

This is a book that I have written to help you get back some of your hard-earned money that we, the retail butchers of America, have swindled you out of. Now the term swindled may be a bit strong, but there is no question that you have spent more than you needed to over the years. Those days are over!

In my book, Confessions of a Butcher, I have listed virtually every cut of beef and pork with their alternative cuts that will save you money without sacrificing quality. Also in the book are listings for lamb, veal, poultry, helpful tips, a glossary, a few of my favorite money-saving recipes, articles, and other useful information all in an easy-to-read and organized format. Isn't it about time to save some money?!

For about the price of a steak dinner

You can begin your journey down the path of immense savings! Today is the day you take control. No longer will you be victimized by the retail meat-merchandising schemes.

Please assist me in my quest to clear my conscience. Allow me to help you regain some of those lost dollars.

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