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Merry Christmas 2011
December 18, 2011
Merry Christmas from all of us at

Christmas Newsletter Table of Contents

1)Our House for Christmas Project

2)Food Borne Illnesses and What To Do

3) What to expect this next year

4)Thank you

A House For Christmas

For eight years our family has been looking for land to build a house. Every time we get close to building things just seem to fall apart. With so many houses on the market we figured there must be something that would meet our needs while we wait to build.(Actually I keep telling everyone as soon as we buy a house we'll find our land.)

So we dusted off our faith jar and started looking at houses. There are about 4 in town that would meet our needs. Two are too expensive. One is kind of small and the other is a foreclosure that needs work and the bank is not liking our offers on it.

As I write it is exactly one week till Christmas Eve. We are approximately $10,000 away from what we are willing to offer and what the bank wants.

I will do whatever is legal and moral to get my family into a house for Christmas. I've posted a My Quiet Doll pattern on and I'll be putting up a link for purchasing John's book at a once in a lifetime price- but only through the Christmas season. In fact don't buy the doll pattern right this second because I'll be lowering the price to only 99 cents also just through the end of this year. Please visit the link above for more details, to see our progress and to share in our experience.

Updated How to Avoid a Meat-Recall on Hamburger/Ground Beef

I just updated the article on recalled meats as there was another recall of ground beef announced today. I've included links to the article on how to avoid purchasing bad hamburger and also what I do when we get sick from the flu or food borne illnesses. Article at this link or read below

What's Coming in 2012

In 2012 you can expect some hopefully major changes at SBI is releasing a new block builder program that should allow easier posting of new pages. This should allow me to post and update new articles including John's biweekly articles quickly instead of waiting for help with the uploading of code.

If Block Builder 2 is as easy as I'm hoping then John too will be able to directly post and not have to wait for me to help him.

Once we're in our new home and and dust has settled John and I will be spending more time making Ark our main site with frequent postings about being prepared but with a positive slant instead of all the doom and gloom associated with being prepared.

Hopefully My Quiet Dolls will be a big part of this next year as well.
Thank you so much for being a part of Thank you for your patience as deal with family and all of life's ups and downs and unexpected "blessings". Take Care and I hope all is well with you and yours. Have a very blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year. Please let me know if I can in any way be of service to you.


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