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Amazing Meat Deal Now! Lamb
April 08, 2008
John just called with this deal and I'd thought you'd like to know!

News Flash! Sales Alert!

Hey all! John just called me from work and asked how much lamb I'd like. He's got lamb legs marked down at his store for 99cents a lb and there's a good supply. If you like lamb NOW is the time to buy! Easter is over and we buy our lamb now and freeze it for next year. IF you don't see it in the meat case ASK the butcher as they might be in the back room. It is still in good shape and about as cheap as it gets! (Remember these do have a bone that you'll be paying for-so factor that in as you decide how much you'd like. Good for making soup stock or perhaps a doggy treat when you're done with it? disclaimer-ask your vet if this is ok)

Possible Uses:

ground lamb for burgers, etc.

lamb chops

lamb roast

lamb stew meat

Real lamb for Greek gyros instead of the pressed "garbage" Will post recipes soon!
Take Care and I hope all is well with you and yours.


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